In today’s society, many of us are “busy” rushing from one thing to the next.  When do we ever take time to smell the roses? We have instant access to a wealth of information, good or bad.  But is this healthy?

A current trend in psychotherapy is towards an Eastern/Buddhist approach.  We call it mindfulness.  It is as simple (and as complicated) as fully being in the present moment, no matter how difficult.  When you are driving, drive.  When you are with someone, be with them.  When you are waiting at the doctor’s office, be there and not on your cellphone.  One of the exercises we like to do with the teens is have them eat a piece of Dove chocolate then tell us one thing they notice about the experience.  Things like, it tastes delicious, the way it melts in my mouth, the smoothness of it, etc…

In American society we have glorified the notion of “busy.”  But what if busy meant living a full life? Not one on the internet, texting, or making sure you post every minute on the latest and greatest social network.  Sure, these things have their perks and can be great business tools but balance is necessary.

I see so many clients who seem to have lost their way.  And a big part of this is today’s society.  We are “connecting” with one another instantly.  While part of that is wonderful, I absolutely love getting to connect with other photographers, artists, etc… from all over the globe on Instagram, the flip side is we are missing the moment.  Be present.

We aren’t promised tomorrow today.  Live.  Enjoy the present moment for the gift it is.  You’ll be amazed what can happen when you do.



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