A lot can change in a year.  I mostly started this blog to express my opinions and concerns in regards to mental health/stigma and the tragic loss of someone like Robin Williams.  Then, a friend passed away unexpectedly in a very similar fashion.  Now, I am about to move across the country in a few days to a large city in the Midwest.

I’m excited at what the future holds, eager to explore a new city, but sad to leave behind loved ones and my dog Ella.  The death of Robin Williams is still just as sad, albeit a little more bearable.  I would say the same about my friend, the only difference being I miss C. on a much more personal level, anytime my husband and I experience something we know he would have liked it is especially difficult and we imagine what it would have been like if he were there with us in person.

I don’t have any good answers for why someone chooses to end their life or magic ways to try and stop it.  Unfortunately, if someone is committed to hurting themselves they will ultimately find a way.  But I’d like to think by showing someone love and support it might help them to feel heard and understood, if only for a moment.  Whether they simply need to vent some of the painful emotions they are feeling or just need the listening ear of a friend, I think it is essential that we all try and be as kind as we are able to one another.  We are human, so of course we are not perfect and will have slip-ups, but at the end of the day we are all more human than otherwise.  People need love, support, and kindness (with or without mental illness), the more we show this kind of affection to others the greater the ripple effect will be.  How wonderful it would be if we created a society in which it was okay for someone to admit they are feeling depressed, anxious, psychotic and maybe even suicidal and not have our first reaction be to judge them but to try and help in whatever small way we can.  Something as simple as a smile and a few minutes of your time can do more than you’ll ever know.