Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is never okay.  With the recent release of the Ray Rice video where he knocks his then-fiancé out cold, this issue is being brought to the forefront.  The fact is, the NFL had access to the footage months ago and decided that a two game suspension was adequate punishment for beating your wife.  It was not until the video was made public that the NFL felt compelled to do anything substantial about the incident.

I do not judge what goes on within a marriage.  That is between the two parties involved.  The Ray Rice incident highlights a much larger issue in our culture at large.  I was horrified to read the comments of “Why did she stay?” and then see numerous individuals make a joke out of the abuse.  As if beating another human being is ever funny.

Perhaps the next time an issue like this is brought to the media, the powers that be will increase pressure on the perpetrator of the abuse to get help.  And properly support the victim.  After Ray Rice punched his wife in the face, we saw the elevator doors open to reveal various bystanders looking concerned.  Yet, they all seemed to hesitate.  Concern clearly showed on all of their faces.  But numerous individuals stood around and watched as Ray Rice dragged his fiancé’s unconscious body out of the elevator doors.

Maybe we can all take this as the opportunity to DO something about this.  It is never okay to treat another living being in this manner, whether it be a woman, dog, cat, or monkey.  It is never okay to do harm.

If you are that upset and conflicted within yourself that you feel the need to strike another living creature, maybe you should take a step back and examine why that might be.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post about anger, it is a secondary emotion.  Typically, there is sadness and hurt underneath.

Finding healthier coping skills from which to channel and properly express this anger benefits everyone involved.  Society, human relationships, and our wellness overall.  I hope for the day that we can all learn to live peacefully amongst one another.  Until that happens, I think we all have a duty to speak out about this kind of thing.

Instead of questioning why an abuse victim stays, we should all be questioning why the abuser abuses.  We all need to help be the voice for those who do not feel empowered or safe enough to use theirs.