“Dreams are like stars… you can’t touch them, but you can follow them to your destiny.”

Go for your dreams.  Dream BIG.  Who cares if they don’t work out? Or you fall flat on your face? At least you can say you tried.  And even if you have some difficulty the first time around, keep after it.  Whether it be starting your own business, changing careers, going back to school, etc… Do what makes you happy.

If the career you have chosen is not where your heart lies, then you will be a slave to your job.  It is important to care.  It is essential that you have passion for what you do.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

If you feel pulled in another direction, maybe it’s worth exploring.  If you care about what you do, it will always show in your work.  Passion follows career follows success.  Keep after what you want.  Do the things that make you happy at your core.  You’ve only got one life.  Live it! 🙂